What I use

Lot of times I do get asked what am I using for my dev environment. Shout out to Wes Bos for the idea for this page, it will contain the pieces of software or hardware that I use most often.

I change up things fairly often, so this page will serve as a living document and a place to point curious developers to when I get asked.


This website has been built with NextJs. It is hosted on Vercel.

Editor + Terminal
Extensions :
  • Github Copilot : Really nice AI assisted code suggestions.
  • ESLint : Lint JavaScript and TypeScript. Contantly reminds me to remove the stupid code that I write.
  • Prettier : Format and beautify code.
  • GitLens : Working with GIT has never been more easy.
  • React Snippets : Makes my life easier when working with react, has really useful snippets to use and makes development faster.
  • Angular Snippets : I have done a good amount of Angular2+ coding and this extension does help in creating faster components.
  • Live Server : Very useful tool, feels like should be now baked into VSCode by default.
  • Pug Beautify : Prettier doesnt really work that great with Pug code, and this extension helps in mainting Pug code.
  • Visual Studio IntelliCode : Provides AI-assisted development with TypeScript/JavaScript.
  • Auto Rename Tag : Helps me rename tags automatically as the name suggests
Desktop Apps
  • I use Firefox as my default browser, do use Chrome from time to time.
  • Spotify for music streaming.
  • Krita to edit images or re-touch them.
  • I tend to use Figma for prototyping have tried Adobe XD before.
  • I use Discord and Zoom as a messenger and to stay connected.
  • RunJS, as a JavaScript scratchpad and playground.
  • Postman, API client.
  • KDE Connect, enables to connect my phone with my laptop.